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ARTICLE: Neuroplasticity Explained

What's the buzz about neuroplasticity and neuroscience? Here the latest trend is explained in simple, but scientifically accurate terms.


Gossip is often the basis of social ostracisation and bullying. Equip your child with these realistic and practical strategies to combat it for good.


Scientific concepts around sleep, explained simply, as well as useful and realistic steps to help your child (and you) get some zzzzz.


ARTICLE SERIES: Beyond, "How was your day?"

Insight into helping your child share their highs and lows, including a great list of sample questions.

ARTICLE SERIES: Executive Function

You've seen it all over the internet, but what is your executive function? This article explains it all by sharing a very relatable account in the life of Becky and her executive function (or dysfunction! 

ARTICLE SERIES: Exam Stress Busters

Are you a parent of a stressed student or a student yourself, worried that you haven't done enough? Check this article that explains what's happening in your brain when you feel exam stress and what you can do about it!



DIRTY DOZEN: Tips for Babysitting Anxious Kids

Do you want to equip friends and family to care for your anxious children effectively? Give them this list of twelve easy ideas and enjoy a well-deserved night out on us! 


DIRTY DOZEN: Crazy Big Love      Coming Soon!

Twelve crazy, creative and powerfully effective way to create a culture of loving fun in your family.


DIRTY DOZEN: Calm Your Farm  Coming Soon!

Creating small moments of pause can be hugely effective for breaking the power of generalised anxiety or a panic attack. This list of twelve calming tips will create a grounding anchor for anxious kids. 


QUICKIE: Expressive Word List

Anxious children sometimes need help in expressing how they're feeling Sometimes 'bad' or 'angry' don't quite say enough. Here are some tips and two practical word lists to help your child build their expressive language and ultimately, their confidence.

The Quiet Minute Meditation

A perfect start for meditation sceptics. (I was one too!) Here is a little behind the science and benefits of taking a brief mental time out - and step by step instructions for the best spent minute of your day.


QUICKIE: "Can you just stop picking at it!" Coming soon!

Anxious kids sometimes develop habits that are ... um ... yucky. In this article, there are a few explanations behind compulsive behaviours and some tried and tested (and a little unconventional) tips on how to help .



QUICKIE: Honour Creative Expression

Is your house getting cluttered by the artistic treasures of your children? Check out these great ways to save their artistic ego's and get your fridge door cleared!

QUICKIE: Brain Function Diagram

Have you ever wondered which part of the brain does what? Thus fascinating and simple diagram helps you work that out!

Flourish Resource List

For those who like to read, here is a comprehensive list of quality authors and academics on topics related to brain science, education and well being. A 'must have' for geeks with heart!



So often an apology is forced by social pressure or parental guilt. It's pointless and downright dishonest. This article looks at the benefit of helping children to show remorse in ways that are genuine and constructive.


ARTICLE: Anxious Parents, Anxious Children COMING SOON!

What am I doing in my parenting that is helping or hindering my anxious child? This article helps unpack how much of it you should take on board and how much to let go (and how to do that)!

ARTICLE: More Play Less Stress COMING SOON!

A close look at the growing epidemic of anxiety in children and teenagers over the past 50 years, focusing on the main causes and what we can do to turn it around for this generation.