Caring for the whole child - BODY, MIND & SPIRIT

To flourish is to grow and reach your potential in whatever context you find yourself. 

Our holistic program, Flourish Tutoring helps students of all ages and abilities reach their potential. We find out our students' strengths and teach them to use their strengths in new and effective ways through neuroscience and other techniques. The brain is an amazing thing and we can do more with it than we realise!

We use all sorts of things to strengthen the different brain zones - including juggling, painting, drawing, problem solving board games like chess, maths quizzes, memory games and so much more.  Each of our programs are individually planned, but if you'd like to get an idea of what a program might look like, click on the example here: EXAMPLE PROGRAM

We are also excited to launch our brand new Flourish Parenting Course, which is a FREE five week course learning about the brain and how we can all creative a positive culture in our home. CLICK HERE  for more details or visit our Facebook event.

“Juliette is an exceptional teacher. She teaches with passion and patience, motivating her students to do their best. Juliette genuinely cares for her pupils and provides the needed support and encouragement to maximise their learning experience.”
— H. R. , former student

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We understand the brain.

We show kids how to understand their own unique brain and make the most of it.

We do this through a tutoring program based on a solid scientific understanding,  and including loads of fun activities individually suited to each child. 

We include focus on caring for the body and emotional well being, so that our work is truly holistic - body, mind and spirit!

Kids improve in their school work and, most importantly in their confidence and social skills!



Currently our classes are held in Carlow in South East Ireland.

Sessions can be for one child or groups up to 6 children (prices vary for individual and group sessions)

Sessions run for 1 hour

A program is generally 10 weeks long, with one session per week.

Tutoring costs €150 for 10 weeks  (€15/week) Scholarships exist for some students, please discuss that with your tutor.

For  more information about tutoring in your area, please contact us!