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Welcome to Lovius Ed!

We're sorry you caught us at an embarrassing moment. We are rushing around in a towel, trying to get everything ready for our launch of the new turbo-boosted website. Please bear with us while we do the finishing touches. A good look takes time!

If you have any query regarding products, services, events or courses, please email us at info.loviused@gmail.com. There is always someone fully dressed, ready to answer your email questions!

Come back and visit us in early November to see the new site!




Welcome to Lovius Educational Consultancy!

We are passionate about education and parenting.  

We are professional educators and parenting consultants with a background in academic research.     (But we're still really fun!)

We know that the brain is an amazing thing - and we can all learn to use it better.

We understand that to make the most of learning, the experience must include the whole person - their emotions, their physical health as well as their intellect.

What can we do for you?

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Our 2018 Flourish Parenting Course is now open for registration: CLICK HERE

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Click below to visit Flourish Generation, our NEW site dedicated exclusively to secondary and university students.

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We host a small online community of parents and educators who want to see the children in our care flourish ! (While maintaining our own sanity!)

Our Flourish Group is a safe, private corner of the internet where we can share, encourage and learn together. To join, click the button!



Are you looking for ways to enjoy your children rather than endure them!       

Would you like to develop strategies where your family home is a relaxing  place for everyone, including you?

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Our Flourish Parenting course runs for five weeks and is designed to be fun and helpful ! We  teach you how to understand the brain, as well as communication styles and very practical parenting  tips. Invite your friends, but be sure to secure a spot as places are limited.

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Are there unmotivated students and discipline problems in your classroom that you want to get to the bottom of?                                           

Would you like to differentiate the curriculum in your classroom, but you just don't have the time?

The Flourish Tutoring program has class based activities that can transform the atmosphere of your classroom and help you do what you love. 

Click below to learn more.



Do you design or implement primary education programs in the developing world or in disadvantaged local communities?

Do your educational contexts struggle with low student motivation, poor resources and limited teacher training?

Lovius Education Consultancy can provide program development support from design & implementation to monitoring & evaluation.

Click below to learn more.

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