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Helping secondary and tertiary students understand their own brains; improving their mood, motivation and study skills.

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“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”
— Aristotle


The Flourish Generation program is a course designed for secondary and tertiary students to help them understand themselves and study more effectively. It incorporates neuroscientific principles and holistic pedagogical practise to help students understand how their brain functions and how this knowledge can be harnessed to help them maximise their learning and feel in control. Our program focuses on helping students identify weaknesses and strengths, and shows  students how build on their strengths by creating and strengthening neural pathways. The Flourish Generation program improves self esteem, emotional resilience and scholastic performance, which also has the wonderful benefit of improving the classroom culture and reducing the need for behaviour management.

You can get a clear understanding of what it would involve for your school or college by checking out our PROGRAM OVERVIEW.

You can understand more about our philosophy and approach by checking out our RESOURCES.


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* provide five weekly sessions of approx. 60 minutes each (liaise with the school to best fit in with the school timetable), filled with engaging, encouraging and scientifically sound content about themselves that will surprise and inspire your students.

* offer a parenting course to be run onsite at the school, so the parents, kids and teachers have the same grounding  from which they can better work together

* offer a free teacher training 90 minute session to staff, liaising with the principal on the preferred topic.

* give contact details to the home teacher so that they can call their own Flourish Tutor directly (the one they've talked to and who knows the kids in their class)

* decide on a refresher program where we return to catch up with the teacher and/or the kids, either to run a single day workshop or a five weekly course.

* provide opportunity to be part of the Flourish Community, receive articles, resources and tips  (no boring stuff, we promise)

* Potentially gather together once a year at a conference (Ok. That's a bit of a dream of ours and isn't happening quite yet ... but a goal is a good thing, especially when it's about gathering dedicated teachers together!)        :)




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Interested in TEACHER TRAINING? We provide all sorts of teacher support: for individual teachers, principals and across the staff. Topics include classroom management, differentiating the curriculum, collaborating with parents and many more. Click right to see more on how we can assist with teacher training at your school. 

To discuss the options for your school further, please contact us. We are happy to visit your school and learn more about your context and how we can help. An initial visit attracts no charge and there is no obligation.