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It's okay ... we'll look after you.


We are dedicated to looking after your data, from the very first time we receive it, to the way we store it and protect it from others and ultimately the way we thoroughly delete it when you decide you want to leave us.

Since the first day of trade, Lovius Educational Consultancy has always respected the privacy and security of the personal data we receive from clients, schools, students and their families. 

With the introduction in Europe of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, May 25, 2018), there were no real changes for us to make, expect for a few minor admin ones, because we already complied with the GDPR standards. Here is a brief snapshot of our commitment.

Lovius Education Consultancy always:

  • asks permission for your personal details
  • stores your personal details in a safe place
  • never shares your personal details without your consent
  • always gives you the option to change your personal details or opt out altogether
  • has someone allocated to answer questions about the protection of your data

If you have any questions , contact Juliette Dowling,  the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for Lovius Educational Consultancy. You can contact Juliette  by clicking the button below


If you'd like more detail about our practices , you can read or download a PDF of the detailed Lovius Educational Consultancy Data Protection Policy by clicking the button below,.