Parents of all ages, with children of all ages have joined our parenting courses for insight into their children, to learn practical strategies and to simply share, discuss and laugh with other parents. Check out what they said ...

I didn’t expect to laugh so much!
— Mother of two pre-schoolers, 2017
Juliette takes something complicated like brain science, and makes it so simple to understand.
— Father of three primary aged children, 2017
Amazing teaching skills! Kept me engaged and interested 100% of the time. Thank you!
— Mother of three pre-schoolers, 2017
I not only learned about how my child thinks, I learned so much about myself.
— Mother of four, 2018
The love languages - what a revelation - wow! A simple and heartfelt thank you!
— Father of two toddlers, 2017
This was time so well spent, so practical, so interesting and I’m already seeing changes in my family.
— Mother of three teenagers, 2018
The balance of compassion, experience and evidence-based research in the course was well managed. Thank you!
— Father of one, 2017
Wonderful course! Gives lots of food for thought.
— Mother of one, 2017
Juliette, I loved to hear you talking about the concept of love languages. It really opened my eyes. I can’t wait for your other courses and the book!
— Mother of three primary aged children, 2018
The content is so interesting and relevant. I just wish I’d done it five years ago!
— Mother of three primary aged children, 2017
I was a fixed mindset - this revealed the growth mindset and that I can avail of this too - yippee!
— Father of two pre-teens, 2018
Amazing course. So interesting. Would love my children to work with you!
— Mother of two toddlers, 2017