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“Good education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
— W.B.Yeats
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We have developed a series of services including workshops with staff and/or students, in-classroom training and parent sessions. Typically we offer 90 minute training sessions and half day or full day workshops in your school's location. 

A unique program is designed after consultation with school leaders and may include: 

  • Making the most of my brain - The principles of neuroplasticity, learning how to re-train your brain with new pathways, changing old habits, reactive behaviour and bypassing learning difficulties for students.

  • Trouble shooting difficult classrooms - Creating a new classroom culture and facilitating a positive environment for you and your students.

  • Creative problem solving for teachers - A combination of the best of traditional and modern educational praxis - and when we say traditional, we mean ancient & tribal, not 'chalk & talk'.

  • Differentiating the curriculum - Strategies that equip teachers, acknowledging we have a diversity of ability and learning style in each classroom, but we have to cater for them all!

  • Maximising resources - Preserving your precious budget by offering new ways to use existing resources and create opportunities for learning through the human and geographical resources in your community.

  • Humour as a teaching tool - A tried and tested topic that was one of our first and continues to be the most popular. Why have a stressful, fearful classroom environment when a wink and a nod can work wonders? Laughter really is the best medicine.

  • Catering for exceptional children - Demonstrating how to design and implement individualised and class based behaviour plans for students with social and behavioural difficulties.

  • Parents as educational partners - Showing how to welcome parents , encourage their interest and enlist their support in the life of the school and the education of their child.

  • Flourish Parenting Courses - host these courses (at no cost to your school) and watch your school community transform, one family at a time. (See our PARENTS page for more information.)

Please remember this is not an exhaustive list! We are always developing new  topics, responding to the needs and interests of schools. 

“ Juliette is a person of integrity and generosity, with a passion for education and meaningful engagement with people.

As a teacher with substantial experience and expertise in her field, Juliette continues to seek ways of developing her professional practice, of fostering strong community relationships and of improving the learning opportunities for her students.”
— Dr K. Bertram, school principal
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To find out more about our philosophy and approach, you can read about our Flourish program by visiting our TUTORING  page for parents or SCHOOL page for teachers, or by checking out our RESOURCES.  

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