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Pre school resources, Kabezi, East Africa

Pre school resources, Kabezi, East Africa


Flourish Tutoring comes under the banner of Lovius Educational Consultancy who provide services to schools and community organisations in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, as well as non-government organisations (NGO's) who work in education in the developing world.

We try really hard - and we mean REALLY hard, to keep our costs to a minimum, especially for organisations that are charitable or on a restricted budget (like many schools). We also try to pay it forward by teaching and resourcing schools in the developing world who are doing  an amazing job in very difficult circumstances.

Although we know your school budget is always being stretching, we can promise that  with Flourish Tutoring, you get what you pay for. We are experienced, professional educators running a well-researched and effective program that will enhance your students' learning and well being. We believe you will decide that it is worth every cent.

Each school's program is different, so please contact us to discuss both your needs and the likely cost. 



Don't panic! This is one program you can take to your principal and say, "We don't have to buy anything new"! Having tested this program in poverty stricken schools in East Africa, we are specialists in making the most of your school's resources, so you don't have to stretch your budget any further. You'll be surprised by how many new activities you can do with the objects gathering dust in your storeroom