Balancing the responsibilities of home and work is one of the most common contributors to stress in our modern lives. Employers are starting to understand that supporting working parents not only benefits families, but also increases the productivity  of their business. 

We are making it easy for working mums and dads to access great support and cutting edge learning around parenting, by bringing our popular parenting course to you ... onsite ... at your workplace. Read on ...



1. Contact us to receive some digital promo material so you can pass it around at work. Or you can download a simple flyer here. We can even come out and visit your employees for a brief chat in person.

2. Gather up a group of parents interested in learning more about how their child's brain works, how to communicate love effectively and how to build a positive family culture, all in the context of a busy working life. The course sizes are set at a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 50 participants. (Consider partnering with a business next door and share the costs!)

3. Plan whether you want a full day or weekly sessions and when you can schedule them in. Contact us to confirm availability.

4. Decide on how much the workplace is going to fund and how much the participants will pay themselves.

5. Send us your participants' details (just name and email address will do) and the course payment. 

6. We turn up on the day and do the rest! :)


COST: The course cost is €50 per person. Employers can choose to partially or fully fund the course, or participants  can pay the course costs themselves.

NB: Partners can attend the course for free!

FORMAT: Full day course (9am - 5pm) OR five weekly sessions of 90 minutes each ONSITE  at your place of work.

VENUE: All we need is a room with seating for the group and a blank wall to run our presentation. We'll bring everything else.

(NB: If the course is a full day, catering is the responsibility of the workplace.)